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Art For Animals Project


I have had a passion for art as long as I can remember, and stronger than that is my love for animals. Animals mean a lot to me, there is a wonderful happiness and honesty in them which can be hard to find in people. I find that being in the presence of animals brings me joy and relieves stress, something I’m sure a lot of people can relate to! With all this being said, animals are still mistreated and neglected and treated unfairly by the selfishness of people.
Animals deserve more than this.

I started the project ‘Art for Animals’ in March 2016, to raise money for various animal charities (both local and international) through my art. Each piece of art I create for this project will be sold with the proceeds raised going to an animal charity. I am also creating videos of each piece of art on my YouTube channel. I began with The Flicka Foundation in Cornwall, a local horse and donkey sanctuary, which I have volunteered at. I created ‘Violet and Bluebelle,’ which was then sold with 50% of the proceeds going to Flicka.

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