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For as long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting, and my love for art has only increased over time. A lot of what I have learnt was taught to me by my Nan, who is a wonderful artist and a big inspiration to me. I also learn a lot as I go along!

I have a keen interest in the natural world, animals in particular. I have volunteered at The Flicka Foundation in Cornwall, and also spent 2 weeks as an artist in residence at Exmoor Zoo in North Devon. I am passionate about wildlife conservation, and my goal with my art is to be able to raise funds for wildlife charities and help save the animals that have as much of a place on this earth as we do.

I prefer realism when it comes to art – the majority of my work is done with either coloured pencils or watercolour with the aim of capturing the unique personalities of each animal.


My painting African Painted Dog won a Special Merit Award in the 'Animals' Art Exhibition run by the Light Space & Time Online Gallery in June 2016. At the 10th Annual Art Exhibition held at Old Christ Church, Waterloo, my drawing Oriental Small-Clawed Otter won Best Artwork in Show. I am a member of the Association of Animal Artists and have displayed my work at several of their exhibitions.


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