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To see more video content, you can visit my YouTube channel here.

This was a challenge set by my university course, with the aim being to produce 48 drawings in a day working from observation.

'When Dreams Take Flight' - acrylics and fineliner on A2 cartridge paper.

The aim with this painting was to make a seagull look more exciting.

'Roar' - acrylics and fineliner on A3 cartridge paper.

Tigers are my favourite animal, and with this painting I wanted to capture their fierce side.

This painting is of an African Painted Dog, using acrylics and fineliner on A3 paper.

I wanted to try a different and looser style of painting than what I'm used to, and this is what I created. It's definitely a technique I'd like to experiment with more!

This drawing is of an Oriental Small-clawed Otter, using Derwent colouring pencils on A3 paper. Total time taken: 8 hours.

This piece meant a lot as it was a present for my Mum - otters being her favourite animal.

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